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The TM-64 is a 64-line hybrid solid-state lidar that uses advanced scanning technology with a horizontal field of view of 120 ° and a vertical field of view of 25 °. This lidar is designed for vehicle front-end, unmanned distribution and other slow ground applications, and can provide high-precision object detection and positioning. The hybrid solid-state construction enhances its durability and reliability, while maintaining efficient performance, allowing it to accurately capture surrounding information in complex environments. TM-64 optimizes the accuracy of navigation and positioning through its broad field of view and precise measurement capabilities. It is very suitable for scenarios that require a high degree of automation and intelligent processing. It is a key tool to promote the development of automation technology.


The TM128 hybrid solid-state lidar sensor is designed for obstacle detection and vehicle-vessel positioning and navigation, as well as for 3D mobile data acquisition and mapping, surveying, industrial automation and other fields. The maximum detection distance is 200 meters, with a horizontal field of view of 120, a vertical field of view of 25, an optional frame rate of 5-20Hz and an output of 768000 points per second (up to 1.536 million points per second). It improves the distance coordinate data and environmental information required by customers. This product focuses on high-speed data transmission rate, high stability, high precision and 100MBPS Ethernet link. The rotating mirror scanning method detects the 3D environment, greatly improving product reliability, field of view and point cloud density as well as extending life.

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