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Deep development in the lidar industry to meet the needs of different application scenarios

Security Alarm System Solution

1. Anti-interference

Because the laser radar uses the scanner to actively transmit and monitor the laser pulse, it does not use ambient light and does not need to add additional light source to supplement light, so it can stably monitor the light change during the day and night. At the same time, various anti-environmental interference software and hardware measures are integrated to reliably monitor in harsh outdoor environments.



Do not rely on the organism far infrared induction, you can detect the human body can also detect ordinary objects, even if the intruder using infrared shielding clothing can be reliably detected. And it can accurately distinguish between the monitoring area where intrusion is prohibited and the open area where entry is allowed (to reduce the interference of personnel activities in the open area). Relatively leaky cable (buried cable), small size, can be installed in any position, easy to install. A single sensor can protect a large area. Small size, easy to conceal the installation and reduce the installation workload. The shape of the monitoring area can be flexibly set by the user. In the working mode, it is also convenient to switch parameter settings such as the shape of the monitoring area.


3. accurate

Laser radar uses a laser beam, which is much higher than microwave in operating frequency and has extremely high resolution. It can detect both moving objects and stationary objects. At the same time, multiple independent monitoring areas can be set, and multiple independent outputs are used for different monitoring purposes. When an intruder is detected, accurate location information may be provided.

Security lidar, camera, alarm, multi-means collaboration

With the rapid development of the field of security monitoring, security monitoring system is becoming more and more multi-functional, integrated, intelligent development, security monitoring equipment is also constantly updated, the traditional single camera model has been unable to fully meet the security environment more and more complex, diversified, multi-functional requirements. In this situation, the addition of laser radar provides new solutions and functional supplements for the security monitoring industry. Compared with the traditional security monitoring system, the security monitoring scheme based on lidar can not only meet the security monitoring and alarm functions of the customer base, but also enhance the deep-seated needs of customers. Lidar has gradually shown unique and huge advantages in the field of security monitoring.



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