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Customer first.

From the customer's point of view, think about what the customer thinks and what the customer is anxious about.


Result oriented

Customer satisfaction as the result, to create value as the result


Open communication

Face the problem, have the courage to express, willing to listen


Growth Mindset

Keep the empty cup, try bravely, if you don't advance, you will retreat.

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Account Manager



10000 yuan/month

Responsibilities: 1, responsible for the company's product sales and promotion; 2. According to the regional sales target formulated by the company, formulate the sales plan of the region, decompose the target and organize the implementation; 4, the regional market for customer development, complete the distribution network layout; 4. Develop new customers, maintain old customers, broaden business channels, and regularly visit new and old customers in urban areas 5. Be responsible for formulating the regional product promotion activity plan every month, and summarize and analyze each activity after the activity; Requirements: 1, Senior high school degree or above, 22-40 years old; Able to endure hardship, hard work, love the sales industry, have good communication skills, organization and planning skills; 2. More than half a year's working experience in fast-food industry, experience in beverage industry is preferred, and veterans are preferred; 3, no experience of the company can be trained; Company benefits: 1, monthly 150 yuan full attendance reward; 2. Employee birthday benefits; 3, traditional holidays in accordance with the provisions of the state leave and in kind or cash form to pay benefits; 4. Uniform social insurance for employees; 5. The company has a good working atmosphere and harmonious employee relations. The group organizes colorful large-scale group building activities from time to time; 6. The group company provides a broad development platform and promotion channels; 7, year-end bonus, equity incentive. 8, tube accommodation

Operations Manager




Work Content 1. Be independently responsible for the product operation of the department, including but not limited to collecting and sorting out the product requirements of the department, docking with the product manager, following up the requirements, and tracking the performance of the product after it goes online; 2. Be able to establish an effective data tracking mechanism according to the operation objectives and the current situation of the products, promote and optimize the operation plan according to the requirements of business development, and be responsible for the implementation of online related product promotion activities to reach kpi index; 3, continue to follow up the product effect, analysis of user behavior, demand, understand the trend of competitors, and competitive analysis; 4. According to the current operation situation, productize the existing process and optimize the business efficiency. Job Requirements 1, have good analytical ability and logical thinking, have a sense of responsibility, strong ability to resist pressure, can independently complete the project; 2. With insight, independent analysis ability, and strong learning and innovation ability, language expression; 3. Passion for product operation, passion for innovation and solving challenging problems; 4, can do prd, prototype map, have bank work experience or familiar with installment e-commerce, community e-commerce, online earning industry is preferred; 5, with pressure resistance, strong execution and learning ability.

Floor 16, Guanggu Innovation Port, 55 Jiayuan Road, Donghu High-tech Zone, Wuhan City, Hubei Province

Building 14, 168 Qiantang River Road, Huimin Street, Jiashan County, Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province

Phone: +86-400-860-8306

E-mail: info@gslidar.com

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