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Single-wire mechanical Lidar


Mechanical Lidar

【Overview】 The TM-S1 Single Line LiDAR is a highly intelligent 2D LiDAR sensor, specially designed to provide reliable object detection and collision avoidance, combined with a compact design and low cost, perfectly adapted to the needs of industrial automation and emerging applications. Its small size, light weight, low energy consumption, easy to integrate in a variety of equipment in mobile and fixed scenes, especially suitable for automatic guided vehicle (AGV) system and elevated warehouse state control, designed to optimize operational efficiency and safety. The flexibility and ease of use of the TM-S1, combined with its low-power design and accurate distance measurement and object recognition capabilities, support intelligent decision-making, making it an excellent, efficient and reliable choice in the field of mobile automation.

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Product Description

ranging principle


Data Output

Distance, angle, RSSI, timestamp

laser wavelength


Protection level


horizontal field of view


Laser Level

Class1 Eye Safety

Detection distance

40m @ 70% reflectivity ≥ 20m @ 10% reflectivity

laser wavelength


Scanning frequency

10Hz; 20Hz; 25Hz; 30Hz

Operating voltage

5V(USB) / 9 ... 36V

Data sampling rate

36kHz; 28.8kHz; 36kHz;

43.2kHz (10 ... 30Hz)

Typical power consumption

≤ 2W

Horizontal resolution

0.1°(10Hz); 0.25° (20 ... 30Hz)

Working temperature

-25 ° ∼ 60 °

Repeat accuracy


Storage temperature

-40 ° ∼ 75 °


Key words:

Mechanical Lidar



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