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TM16 line mechanical lidar, the internal 16 groups of laser transceiver pairs can be rotated 360 degrees to form a 3D point cloud map. The maximum detection range is 150 meters, the vertical visual range is 30 °, the horizontal visual range is 360 °, and the vertical angular resolution is 2 °. It is the world's first 16-line lidar that can work in cold regions, and-40C can be activated instantly without auxiliary heating. Due to its excellent performance and ultra-high cost performance, it is widely used in unmanned distribution robots, unmanned inspection robots, cleaning robots, minibuses and other low-speed unmanned vehicles.


The 16/32-line explosion-proof mechanical lidar is a versatile, high-precision measuring tool designed to meet the high demands of object detection and environmental scanning in industry and security. It realizes omni-directional laser scanning through mechanical rotation, combines advanced algorithms to quickly identify and classify objects, supports accurate measurement and real-time monitoring, and is suitable for scenarios such as automated production lines, vehicle navigation and safety monitoring. The radar's durability and adaptability make it stable in a variety of environments, easy to integrate into existing systems, providing flexible, efficient and safe solutions to meet the complex needs of modern industrial development.


1550 lidar technology is designed for ultra-long-range detection, mainly serving high-end applications such as military unmanned vehicles, autonomous driving and intelligent networking. The technology uses a laser with a wavelength of 1550 nanometers to provide a detection range far beyond conventional radar while ensuring eye safety. It supports high-precision image-level 3D imaging, which can accurately capture the details of complex environments and objects, and help build detailed 3D maps. The introduction of 1550 lidar provides strong technical support for automatic driving systems and accurate military detection tasks, opens up new horizons for the development of intelligent technology, and ensures the efficiency and safety of applications.

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